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Dress shirts will always dominant our wardrobe be it working or casual shirts. We need many differences of shirts colors and designs for our dressing in works or casual meeting. Polo T-shirt can never over sight a collar dress shirt in the corporate worlds. A tailor made shirt will fit perfectly according to our body figure. Most of men getting frustrated when buying off the shelve shirts. When they get a shirt size that fit their neck but the sleeves are too short or the other way round. They are also limited choice to select the fabric designs and colors to suits their skin color. They are struggling to accept whatever designs and cutting available. Unlike tailor made shirt, PAGE Tailor Malaysia offers more than thousands of fabric designs and colors from light to dark shade at anytime. The fabric design from plain, stripe, checker in many differences colors and shape size. The verities choices of fabric composition in 100% cotton 2 Ply from super 100’s to 200’s, limited wrinkle with mix synthetic yarn or special treatment.


PAGE Tailor Malaysia believes sharing of fun to design your own shirt. Beside to choose the fabric that you like, you can design your own shirt together with us. They are many collar, cuff, pocket, placket designs as you like to make your shirt. We have lots of blending material in difference designs and colors that you like to blend into any part of the shirt you like. You may not only have a limited edition shirt design by your own. It can be the only one in the world.

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